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Struggling to find qualified candidates?

Do you ever struggle to find enough qualified candidates for your open positions? Or have you felt like you’re stuck in “reaction mode” and are constantly trying to play catch-up, leaving you with no time to plan and implement proactive recruiting strategies?

If so, you’re not alone. Teacher shortages have made it increasingly difficult for schools to find top-tier applicants, particularly in special education and STEM. To combat these shortages, you need to build your applicant pools before the hiring season gets underway. Doing so requires the right resources and proactive strategies — and the time to carry them out.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring


Frontline Recruiting & Hiring can help.




Expand your recruiting reach.

  • Post open positions on your district website and social media, as well as leading job boards such as
  • Capture applicant interest at job fairs and let qualified job-seekers start an application right at your booth.
  • Discover candidates within your state, or reach out to educators across the country with an interest in relocating to your area. 



Move from passive to active recruiting.

  • Proactively recruit from Frontline’s pool of over 1 million registered users, including over 500,000 certified teachers.
  • Discover who has viewed your job postings and send personalized application invitations to qualified job-seekers.
  • Recruit while you sleep with customized, automated campaigns that let you continually reach out to new job-seekers who meet your requirements.



Save time throughout the hiring process.

  • Easily sort and filter to find the best candidates — no more stacks of paper resumes.
  • Manage interview scheduling and leverage automated workflows to move candidates through the hiring process in record time.
  • Help new hires prepare for their first day with on-demand, online onboarding and safety trainings.

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