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Engaging Teachers at Washington County Public Schools


Washington County Public Schools At a Glance:

Washington County Public Schools

Location: Hagerstown, MD
K-12 Enrollment: 22,545
Certified staff: 1,766
Classified staff: 1,179
Administrators: 218
Facilities: 45

Demographics: 5% of Washington County students report a home language other than English and identify over 17 different primary languages.


The Challenge:

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is a district committed to building a community that inspires curiosity, creativity and achievement. In partnership with community members, WCPS educates and enables all students to fully access opportunities afforded them in a rapidly changing and diverse global society.

For WCPS, having teachers who are well trained, engaged and dedicated to student success is the most critical factor in achieving its goals. On the days when certified teachers can’t be in their classrooms, qualified substitutes must be on hand to provide instruction for students.

But the district struggled with an outdated professional learning program and a substitute management system that left the district with fill rates as low as 82%. District leaders were determined to find new solutions.

“It was bad here in November and December. We were seeing 40, 45 absences going unfilled. That’s just totally unacceptable for a district this size.”
— Lindsay Darr, Coordinator of Human Resources: Teachers Personnel

The Results:

The urgent need to find a new employee absence management system was a factor in choosing Frontline. Already familiar with Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, the Human Resources department launched Frontline Absence & Time shortly after winter break. Although principals and district administrators were initially reluctant to change systems mid-year, they were impressed to see that within a week of switching over to Frontline Absence & Time, their fill rate shot up to an astonishing 99%.

Additionally, growing dissatisfaction with their professional growth learning system led the district to transition to Frontline Professional Growth in the spring. After first testing it with a group of 100 new teachers, they launched the new system district-wide. They have been thrilled with the increased visibility into the efficacy of their professional learning, and are able link evaluations with relevant professional development.

“We had our full rollout for every single summer PD, and we offered over 130 classes. I had zero issues with enrollment, with taking attendance, with switching out people, with adding people.”
– Joni Burkhart, Coordinator, Professional Development and Evaluation

The Solution:

The superintendent’s motto is, “Students first in everything you do, students first, students first.”

Frontline is proud to partner with WCPS in putting students first. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring helps the district bring great educators into the district. Frontline Absence & Time ensures that when a teacher can’t be present, a qualified substitute is available to support uninterrupted student learning. And Frontline Professional Growth directly affects teacher practice in the classroom by supporting effective learning opportunities and evaluations.


Curious how Frontline Professional Growth could work in your school? Let us know and we’d be glad to share more details with you.

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