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Confidently Manage School-Based Medicaid Tracking & Claim Management

Be the hero bringing much-needed funds back into your district sooner with Frontline’s Medicaid software.

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“We were usually a month or two behind in our [Medicaid] billing. With Frontline, we now bill the first week of every month and it’s instantaneous. We submit our files and get our reimbursement by the end of the week.”

— Jeff Pruitt, District Resource Teacher, Brevard Public Schools

Alleviate Confusion

Save time and reduce staff frustration by demystifying complex Medicaid and billing requirements and next steps.

Optimize Reimbursement

Understand your district’s allowable reimbursement potential and see where you’re missing reimbursement opportunities.

Simplify Compliance

Ensure accurate and complete documentation and claims with compliance-driven tracking tools and dozens of claim-building validations.

Don’t let confusing or time-consuming processes put reimbursements at risk:

  • If you’re not documenting all claimable services, including transportation and personal care services, you’re leaving much-needed funds on the table
  • When you don’t know the next step to take for Medicaid, it can delay critical funds from coming back into your district
  • Having to look in multiple places to verify that claims align with IEP mandates and other required validations eats up a lot of time you don’t have
  • With the legal responsibility of Medicaid claim management on your shoulders, you NEED to know what’s being submitted on your behalf

Your district deserves better.

It’s critical that your students get the services they need to thrive – but that financial burden shouldn’t be on your district.

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Are your service documentation practices up to par?

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It’s time to take your power and funds back.

Getting Medicaid paperwork and compliance management right is critical, yet it shouldn’t be the center of your world. You got into this field to make things better for students. Then somewhere along the line, you started spending half of your time sitting in front of a computer.

Our software was designed by former administrators and educators to reduce the amount of time you spend questioning your next step and checking and re-checking data. That’s why more than 2,300 education organizations in the U.S. use Frontline Medicaid Management.

We partner with state-specific advisory panels to keep compliance validations and workflows up-to-date and conducive to the way you actually work. So you can depend on our software to automate complex administrative processes and get back to what you do best, helping your students thrive.

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