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Service Tracking & Medicaid Billing

at Broward County Public Schools

At a Glance:

Broward County FL

Location: Broward County, FL

Total Students: 260,000

Students with IEPs: 32,000

When you think about Medicaid-eligible service types, do you write some of them off as more trouble than they’re worth?

Before using Frontline, Broward County Public Schools weren’t maximizing claims for transportation services. With 900 bus routes transporting students with IEPs, they were missing out on an important revenue source.

Broward County’s story might sound familiar. Or you might be in a position where you’re forced to make some tough choices and decide that the time and effort required to submit certain types of Medicaid claims don’t result in enough ROI for the district, so you pass up on those funds entirely.

Read on to find out what happened when Broward County started using Frontline.

“Frontline’s staff are both responsive and proactive, and customer support is always available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide additional training. What amazes me the most is they truly enjoy what they are doing! They don’t just fill a change request, they make the request even better.”

Deneen Gorassini, Broward County Public Schools


Broward County’s experience with Frontline

Medicaid Revenue

Medicaid Revenue



Prior Vendor:

Health Services Documented

Health Services Documented



Prior Vendor:

Transportation Services Documented

Transportation Services Documented



Prior Vendor:

Broward County Public Schools saw tremendous gains in service documentation and Medicaid claiming since implementing Frontline’s systems.

The district saw:

  • A 500% increase in transportation service documentation using Frontline’s Transportation Tracking software
  • Over 5x more health services documented using Frontline’s Service Tracking software
  • Almost $5M in Medicaid reimbursement — triple the amount claimed with the previous vendor

Choosing and implementing Frontline

Broward County Public Schools initially partnered with Frontline Education to automate transportation service tracking for students with disabilities so that they could claim Medicaid reimbursement for those services.

The Medicaid billing vendor in place did not have a means to track transportation, but implementing Service Tracking, part of Frontline Medicaid & Service Management, made it possible to bridge that gap.

This process included:

  • Integrating with Broward’s third-party routing system to synchronize data for their 900 special education bus routes
  • Developing a custom training program for district staff
  • Configuring ridership reports for the existing Medicaid vendor in order to build transportation claims

Broward was so pleased with the results of this work that they later decided to replace their existing Medicaid vendor and implement additional Frontline systems.

“Frontline has made lives easier, work easier. Providers are happier with the Frontline system because it is very clear-cut, easier to navigate, and provides multiple avenues to address all situations. It has much more flexibility and providers now have real-time reporting. They can pull reports with better detail and use these as conversation tools with the principals.”

Medicaid Coordinator, Broward County Public Schools

Broward County’s other solutions

In order to maximize service delivery and Medicaid reimbursement and streamline 504 development and contractor billing, Broward implemented the following systems:

  • 504 Program Management, part of Frontline Special Programs Management, to manage 504 Plan development, monitor progress, and more
  • Frontline Medicaid & Service Management to:
    • Track special education services and activities
    • Auto-generate schedules for service providers
    • Automate the contractor billing process
    • Maximize Medicaid Management

These systems were configured to Broward’s specifications and integrated with several third- party and district-owned software components.

When you miss out on Medicaid revenue, your students pay the price. Streamline service delivery, simplify the claiming process, and maximize your reimbursements with Frontline.