A Better Time Tracking System for You and Your Employees



When it comes down to it, employee time is what makes your district run smoothly. You need the right people in place at the right time to make sure that students get to school on time, provide students with nutritious food from the cafeteria and ensure that every building is clean and well-maintained.

But too often, K-12 organizations stay with paper-based processes or clunky, inconvenient time tracking systems that make it difficult to ensure that employees are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

That’s why we developed Time & Attendance. As part of Frontline Absence & Time, it works hand-in-hand with Absence Management (formerly Aesop) to give you the full picture of employee attendance. Built specifically for K-12’s unique needs and designed to make time tracking a breeze, Time & Attendance is a win-win for you and your employees.

Flexible Time Tracking

Time tracking isn’t one-size-fits-all, especially in K-12. If you have employees in different bargaining groups, or staff who hold multiple positions or work in multiple locations, Time & Attendance has you covered.

  • Use the time tracking device that works best for your district or simply track hours online – no hardware required.
  • Easily create flexible work schedules – perfect for bus drivers with multiple shifts in a day or instructional aides whose work hours vary.
  • Create and apply unique payroll rules for employees with different needs, such as those with or without comp time, shift differentials or paid leave accruals.



“I particularly like the different entry methods that allow the user to access their time cards. We currently have four different bargaining agreements and we have all different units entering their times different ways. We are able to customize the system specifically to our employee groups for our district.”

– Denelle Gonnerman, Supervisor of Financial Services, Cedar Falls Community School District

  Easier Clock-in/Clock-out

“The employees were excited about using the kiosk versus having to handwrite a time slip. The administrators were excited to be able to just look into a computer and say, ‘Yes, this is right. This is what they worked.’ And with the click of a button, approve it.”

– Liz Walton, Budget and Finance, Contoocook Valley School District

One of the most visible parts of time tracking is actually clocking in and out, so it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your employees while improving accuracy and accountability. Time & Attendance makes clocking in and out simple, letting your employees start their day without any hassle. We even have a mobile app, if you’d like to allow employees clock in from their smartphones.

  • Use any compatible time-tracking device or method that works for your district: electronic timesheets, proximity scanners, biometrics, a mobile app and more. Plus, you can use different methods for different employee groups — whatever works best for your district’s needs.
  • Enable Job Switching at kiosks, which allows users with multiple job types to seamlessly switch jobs in one swipe: no more clocking out of Job A and then back in to Job B. Instead, employees can clock in once and the system will recognize it as clocking out of the first job and in to the second at the same time.
  • Or, use schedule-based clocking to let users clock in and out for the day once, even if they have multiple jobs or schedules. So, if someone works 3 jobs with 3 different schedules, they would clock in for their first job at the beginning of their day, clock out after their last job for the day, and the system will automatically fill in the rest of the scheduled times on the timesheet.



Seamless Timesheet Approvals

Don’t let lost or misplaced timesheets hold you back! Time & Attendance makes the time tracking process simple, and removes any obstacles between clocking in and running payroll.

  • Stay on top of employee timesheets – Time & Attendance will notify administrators when timesheets have been submitted for review, and automatically remind employees to submit overdue timesheets
  • Review and approve an individual’s timesheet online, or review multiple timesheets at once for greater context
  • Automatically populate employee timesheets with any absences recorded in Absence Management (formerly Aesop), giving you a full picture of employee attendance
  • Easily transfer approved timesheets to payroll – no more losing paper timesheets



“After we took on Time & Attendance, it was interesting to watch my campus users. The relief in their face when they thought, ‘Oh, this is all I have to do.’ They went online, they could check when their employees clocked in and when they clocked out. They could verify their time. They could get their employees to sign off on it right there.”

– Dana Lang, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, A+ Charter Schools

  Time & Cost Savings

“Before, it would take us probably about three to four days to calculate the timesheets, make sure they were accurate and also input the data into our Excel spreadsheet and our accounting software system. Now, all we have to do is export the information and we can easily run the reports in just a matter of minutes.”

– Jana Speck, Payroll Specialist, Cedar Falls Community School District

You shouldn’t have to spend endless hours managing employee time. With Time & Attendance, you can ensure that every step of the process is stress-free and easy to manage: from capturing and classifying time, to reviewing it and submitting it to payroll.

  • Integrate with your payroll provider to eliminate manual data entry and save time
  • Consistently and accurately apply complex pay policies, and say goodbye to costly payroll errors
  • Save time managing and scheduling employees across the district
  • Reduce labor costs by keeping an eye on overtime, improving accountability and ensuring accurate timesheets