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Position Management & Control in School Districts

Position Management & Control in School Districts

Game changing support for the entire employee lifecycle!


School districts manage loads of money coming in and out of their organizations at a rapid rate. From funding to expenses, it’s critical that HR, Finance and Payroll departments have access to real-time budget information in order to be nimble enough to support outstanding education.

However, a number of districts are still relying on manual, paper-driven processes, even after adopting technology to handle critical financial functions. This leaves your team stifled in an environment full of tedious, error-prone practices that tend to waste increasing amounts of time as district needs grow in complexity over time.

85% District-Wide Budget on Salaries and Budgets

An average of 85% of district-wide budget is dedicated to salaries and benefits.

With school district budgets often accumulating to the millions of dollars, any function in the organization accounting for a majority of it certainly takes priority over other elements with milder implications.

It’s absolutely critical that your people are paid consistently, on time and in the right amount.

When school HR professionals are often in charge of validating pay structure information for personnel (including pay grade/cycle, steps, stipends and supplemental), it makes sense that…

30% of HR professionals report spending as many as 15-29 hours a month rekeying data from manual or paper-driven processes.

When data is siloed, it becomes slow-moving, stale and unreliable. This is why so much time is dedicated to checking and rechecking information that isn’t in real-time and connected processes.

And yet, even with all of that fact checking and rekeying…

85% District-Wide Budget on Salaries and Budgets

82 million people have experienced pay errors including late payment, non-payment, over payment and incorrect payment.


How can you avoid this in your district?

Educational institutions are implementing a practice known as position management in order to solve for complex HR, Finance and Payroll challenges.

With position management, you identify the hierarchy of your school district:

After you know who belongs where, you can dedicate specific information at the position level, as opposed to ad hoc for each individual person.

Now no matter what person you hire in and out of each specific position, they will automatically inherit all the pay structure, access to data, reporting and security permissions that you designated for their job.

Making life easier on HR, IT, Finance and Payroll!