[Case Study]

Washington County Public Schools

“Frontline is a part of everything that we do here.”

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is committed to building a community that inspires curiosity, creativity and achievement. Having teachers who are well trained, engaged and dedicated to student success is the most critical factor in achieving its goals. But an outdated professional learning program and a substitute management system that left the district with fill rates as low as 82% stood in their way.

District leaders were determined to find new solutions, and chose to partner with Frontline.

  • Within a week of switching to Frontline Absence & Time, their fill rate shot up to 99%.
  • With Frontline Recruiting & Hiring, the hiring process is a breeze. New hires can complete their paperwork before coming in to sign contracts, shaving 45 minutes off the process for each person.
  • Frontline Professional Growth gives administrators clear visibility into the impact of professional learning opportunities in the classroom and supports effective employee evaluations.