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Modernizing Health Management at Spotsylvania Public Schools

Spotsylvania Public Schools

At a Glance:

Fredericksburg, VA
K-12 Enrollment
Certified staff: 1788
Support staff: 1382
Administrators: 114

Solutions Used:

Frontline School Health Management
EHR & School Nursing Management including the Health Portal Add-On

Ysleta Independent School District

Together, Spotsylvania County Public Schools’ staff, families, and community partners prepare children for the future. SCPS wants every student to develop the knowledge and skills relevant to their future aspirations and dreams. Even as the district makes significant strides, they are always focused on continuous improvement.

Challenge Spotsylvania Public Schools

The Challenge:

In a district with over 23,000 students on 30 different campuses, the challenge of maintaining accurate records is immense. While school leaders, teachers, and support staff focus on academic progress, it’s up to the school nurses to monitor student health. Alejandra Wilmer, Director of Health Services for Spotsylvania County Public Schools, knew it was time to replace an outdated tracking system. The system nurses were using wasn’t set up to track individual student data, even events as simple as regular hearing and vision screenings. When a new crop of kindergartners enrolled every fall, nurses had to make spreadsheets by hand, listing which students needed to be screened. They followed the same process when older students transitioned to middle or high school. Clearly, their time could be better spent supporting students instead of making lists.

“It was kind of like having an iPhone 4 when we’re on iPhone 10.”

Alex Wilmer

Solution Spotsylvania Public Schools

The Solution:

Frontline School Health Management

With the implementation of Frontline School Health Management, record keeping got a whole lot easier. The quality of care plans, tracking, and reports has improved significantly. They’re easier to print out and much more user friendly. Before SCPS upgraded the system, staff could not access any electronic medical records from home. COVID-19 made it clear that nurses needed access to student records while working remotely.

“It’s all there. Before, we weren’t able to track hearing and vision from year to year. The nurses would have to create all the lists by hand. Now we set a track year, and Frontline automatically picks up how many seventh graders each nurse needs to screen, or third graders, or kindergartners.”

Alex Wilmer

Results Spotsylvania Public Schools Case Study

The Results:

Accessible and Secure Health Records

Because they had to follow HIPAA and FERPA regulations, it just wasn’t a thing to take home children’s information in the past. But when COVID-19 showed up unexpectedly, school districts had to rethink how they managed student health records. Fortunately, nurses found they could access records from home. They could monitor student immunizations and run reports. Parents could be contacted by phone or email and documentation of each conversation uploaded into the system. That access alone was a major benefit of the new EHR and Nursing Management System.

Coming Soon

Alex is already looking forward to implementing additional Frontline capabilities next spring, from contract tracing to collaboration with other departments, that utilize Frontline’s Medicaid & Service Management solution for special education services. Knowing she can count on Frontline for support during the implementation phase, she looks forward to expanding the partnership in the future.

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