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South Seneca Central School District

District Background:

South Seneca Central School District

Location: Ovid, NY
PreK-12 Enrollment: 700
Facilities: 2
Staff: 190


  • Caucasian/White: 94%
  • Hispanic: 2%
  • African-American/Black: 2%
  • Multi-racial: 2%

Solutions Used:

Frontline Special Education Management

  • IEP Management
  • RTI/MTSS Program Management
  • Medicaid Tracking & Claim Management
  • Medicaid Toolkit
  • 504 Program Management
  • New York Special Education Directors (New York State specific)
  • Guidance Direct (New York State specific)

Frontline Professional Growth

  • Employee Evaluation Management
  • Professional Learning Management

Frontline Absence & Time

  • Absence Management

South Seneca Central School District

Located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, South Seneca is a small, rural school district focused on preparing children for the future. Clearly passionate about the joy of learning, Superintendent Steve Zielinski takes pride in knowing the schools are the heart of the community. Through efficient use of time and budget, South Seneca provides a quality education for all students.

Always mindful of its fiscal responsibilities, South Seneca has combined multiple Frontline Education solutions to make the most out of the insights, cost savings and benefits that come along with their integrations.

The Challenge:

Before Frontline, constant changes in demographic data required paying clerical staff to manually enter data into IEP, 504, RTI and Medicaid records. The district didn’t have an effective way to manage RTI data and Medicaid was not being tracked in a useful manner.

The staff spent a lot of time sifting through paper folders looking at mountains of data and using spreadsheets to try to capture it. They also needed to synchronize with other districts in the area and find a better way to share or transfer student records without having to reenter documents.

As a small school district, the challenge is to stay on top of all the data. We not only have to get it entered accurately, but we also need to be sure it’s analyzed correctly and make decisions based on it. It’s a tall order for a small group of administrators to do without some kind of coordinated help.
— Stephen Parker Zielinski, Superintendent

The Solution:

I remember having conversations with colleagues about finding some kind of tool that would track data longitudinally in a standardized format — easily searchable, easily pulled for when we need it. Frontline became our solution for that.
— Stephen Parker Zielinski

Suite solutions

The benefit of moving to a suite of products like Frontline is that most of the tracking is automated. Having special education and Medicaid records in the same software system helps save time, district resources and money in so many ways. They communicate. Instead of having to update multiple systems, they sync together.

Along with Medicaid Tracking & Claim Management, South Seneca uses the Medicaid Toolkit, an optimization tool that makes it easy for the district to ensure its reimbursements are accurate. It allows data to flow between the IEP & Special Education Management application and the Medicaid application, so administrators can see exactly where they’re missing data points for collecting reimbursement. As errors surface, it’s a simple process to resubmit documents and bring in thousands of dollars in found reimbursements that normally would be left on the table.

The district tracks students starting when they enroll in pre-kindergarten or as early as age 2 if they’re referred for evaluation or services. As soon as student data is entered, it’s available to upload for state reports. The software also makes it easy to track all the child outcome summaries and evaluations for preschool.

As students advance through grade levels each year, Frontline RTI Management is right there to support them. The system helps track the progress made by struggling learners over time. When teachers enter their interventions and data points, graphs create a clear picture of student performance. If students don’t respond to interventions, the data is useful for determining whether they might be eligible for special-education services.

We treat our people as the professionals they are, and we want them to have the opportunities that professionals in our field have. The effect on morale is very positive.
— Stephen Parker Zielinski

Professional learning options for all

Frontline makes it easy for teachers to select and register for professional learning opportunities. Calendars show all offerings, not only from the district but also from the regional information center. It’s one-stop shopping for anybody who’s looking for a professional growth opportunity. If it’s not on the menu, the system has the capacity for users to enter requests for conferences and other learning opportunities that aren’t listed. Forms are already pre-populated to make entering the information simple.

Teachers and staff have autonomy in chasing down the opportunities that make sense to them in their own careers. Based on teacher evaluation results, supervisors direct some professional learning opportunities through Frontline’s Professional Growth software, but most are self-selected by the users. Keeping track of professional learning helps teachers and staff stay current in their fields.

Using Frontline Professional Growth as part of the connected platform is not only efficient, but it has definitely impacted the budget. For one thing, the product itself is affordable. The fact that it saves time and money by syncing up with the New York state data warehouse for teacher certification is another advantage. District administrators are confident that since so much of it is automated, the data will get to where it needs to go without mistakes.


Absence Management tackles substitute shortages

Remember those early morning phone calls the substitute coordinator had to make looking for substitutes? It was a full-time job for one person to arrange coverage for every open position.

South Seneca now relies on Frontline to help fill teacher absences. Every district struggles with a shortage of substitute teachers. That will always be a challenge. But because Frontline Absence Management is a regional service used by all of the local school systems, anyone who is a substitute in South Seneca schools and also in neighboring districts uses the same system.

It’s great from the substitute teacher’s angle and from the district’s perspective, too. For substitutes, they don’t have to continually log into different applications to check all the jobs available to them. And the districts benefit by the features built into Absence Management to prevent job-hopping, where a substitute cancels a job at the last minute to take one in another district.

Connecting Professional Growth with Absence & Time is another efficiency for the district. Since the system creates absences automatically when teachers plan to be out of the classroom for professional learning, it makes it easier to fill the positions in advance.


The Results:

Results South Seneca Case Study

The efficiency of combining Frontline Special Education Management, Professional Growth and Absence & Time is just what South Seneca needed to meet its goals of fiscal responsibility and student support.

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