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Unlocking Success in K-12 Education: Findings & Insights from the Inaugural K-12 Lens

Unlocking Success in K-12 Education: Findings & Insights from the Inaugural K-12 Lens

59 minutes

Tune in for the findings and implications of Frontline Education’s inaugural K-12 Lens survey report. Designed for district leaders, this session will provide a comprehensive overview of the critical opportunities identified to enhance operations and outcomes in K-12 education. Discover data-driven insights and actionable strategies on growing human capital, supporting students holistically, and protecting essential district resources.


This session will introduce the report, how to engage with the data, and include conversations with subject matter experts and school district leaders around three areas:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Student Management
  • Business Operations


Learn from nearly 700 K-12 administrators nationwide and understand the emerging trends that are shaping the future of education. Whether it’s tackling staffing challenges, boosting student outcomes, or navigating financial uncertainties, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to drive meaningful improvements in your district.


Guest Speakers:
Susan Walters, Solutions Director, Frontline Education
Mylee Nigg, Solutions Director, Frontline Education
Anna Gibbs, General Manager, Frontline Education
Keegan Bassett, Director of HR, Queen Creek Unified School District
Brian Martinez, Director of Technology, New Caney ISD
Angela Watson, Director of Health Services, Pickens County School District


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With the right tools, data, and insights, you’ll be empowered to make the best decisions to support your teachers and staff. That means engaged, efficient, and effective people focused on what’s best for students. And that leads to stronger schools that improve outcomes for kids.

With Frontline, you can:

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