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Unlock the Power of Data to Drive Decisions in Your School District

Unlock the Power of Data to Drive Decisions in Your School District

60 minutes

Discover best practices for data analysis and communication


Trying to get from district data chaos to meaningful insights?


You know that the best decisions for your district are the ones that are backed by data. So, you track the metrics that matter: funding, expenditures, student attendance, demographics, and grades among others. Without the tools or strategy to turn it into meaningful insights, you become inundated by the sheer volume of numbers.


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Data-Informed Decisions: Your Roadmap to Smarter Insights in Education

Frontline Education’s Data & Analytics experts, Dr. CyLynn Braswell and Josh Rader bring decades of experience in education and data analytics. They share Frontline Education’s proven tools, including data dashboards, views, and reports, that will bring you closer to data clarity. You’ll learn:

  • How to progress from asking questions to taking action with data
  • Best practices for analyzing enrollment trends, student needs, and budget constraints
  • Strategies for communicating data insights to school boards and the community
  • Tips for avoiding common pitfalls and limitations
  • Real-world examples of using data to solve challenges like supporting special education students

Whether you’re an administrator, principal, or school business officer, this session will provide a practical roadmap for your data journey. Discover how to go beyond surface-level metrics to uncover deeper insights that drive meaningful change for your students and schools.

Become a Data-Informed Leader  

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