Top 10 Legal Challenges Schools Face During COVID-19

Top 10 Legal Challenges Schools Face During COVID-19 Webinar

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  • Top 10 COVID Legal Questions

    Top 10 COVID Legal Questions

    Download a PowerPoint deck covering the top COVID legal questions.

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  • Webinar: Remote Support for Students with Disabilities: What’s Working & What’s Not?

    Webinar: Remote Support for Students with Disabilities: What’s Working & What’s Not?

    Special-education-focused panel on how districts across the country are working to provide FAPE in a remote capacity during this uncertain time.

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  • Certificate of Attendance

    Certificate of Attendance

    Download a certificate of attendance you can complete yourself.

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The tools you need to manage your district virtually.

Frontline’s solutions offer a wide array of functionality to help you tackle day to day operations remotely. Each of the following options will link you to a brief corresponding webinar or other relevant information.

Electronically (and proactively) engage with job seekers and candidates. Watch Now

  • Create a campaign to proactively reach job seekers (by position, within a certain radius, graduates from a specific school) to notify them of your virtual hiring process and invite them to apply for your open positions.
  • Host a virtual job fair and invite applicants to a join using the online interview/appointment scheduler (requires use of an external system such as Zoom or WebEx.)
  • Send personalized messages to job seekers who meet your criteria, or send an announcement to multiple job seekers.
  • Attract and hire remote employees: Label your job as Location: Remote/Work from Home to attract remote applicants.

Onboard new hires remotely. Watch Now

  • Create and distribute electronic onboarding packets to all new hires and allow employees to complete and return all forms electronically.
  • Monitor progress along the way to ensure that all required paperwork is completed on time.
  • Automatically route completed onboarding forms to the employee’s personnel file where they can be easily located and viewed.

Initiate and manage employee contract renewals electronically. Watch Now

  • Build contract forms using drag and drop functionality.
  • Ensure the right forms get to the right people with custom workflows.
  • Securely apply saved administrative signatures to contracts prior to electronically distributing.
  • Monitor progress along the way to ensure that contracts are completed on time.

Manage paper-based forms electronically. Watch Now

  • Convert a paper form to digital so it can be accessed online.
  • Configure forms to be initiated by employees, so they don’t need to come to HR.

Electronic HR source of truth. Watch Now

  • Automatically transfer applicant data to employee record (demographics, certs, education history.)
  • Automatically ensure all assignment details are inherited from the position.
  • Electronic sticky notes.
  • Electronic checklists.

Manage staffing changes with a data feed to other systems. Watch Now

  • Authorize new hires, transfers, pay and funding changes, and separations.
  • Track the number and percentage of employees absent from school for a specific day or date range to identify absence reason trends.
  • Allow employees to clock-in from remote locations.
  • Record paid time for employees not clocking in & out.

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  • Access and track completions of Canvas courses in Frontline alongside all other professional development your district offers – in-person, online, out-of-district, conferences, and more.
  • Create Online Learning Programs to group resources, track completion and award credit.
  • Upload your district’s own content – files, links and videos – to use in learning activities.
  • Use Frontline’s content – micro-credentials, SCORM-compliant courses and best practice videos – to create comprehensive learning opportunities.
  • Promote collaboration and coaching with online groups where teachers can share resources, invite feedback, and more.
  • Use the virtual observation rubric modified from the USC Center for Excellence in Teaching to provide feedback to help your teachers optimize their remote instruction

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  • Document and report on COVID-19 symptoms and diagnoses to understand who may have been exposed.
  • Handle remote and/or onsite student encounters to support mental health needs.
  • Safely house student data in one secure, digital place so it’s accessible to you and essential colleagues no matter where you are.

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  • Stay on top of special education timelines and virtually collaborate with parents and other stakeholders.
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  • Document remote service delivery and monitor and make up missed services due to school closures.
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*Available in select states

  • Claim much-needed Medicaid funds and make up for lost revenue with robust revenue enhancement tools.
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*Available in select states

Disclaimer: Frontline Education does not provide legal advice. Always consult your district’s counsel about the issues discussed in this webinar.