Teacher Shortages & Retention-First Staffing

Teacher Shortages & Retention-First Staffing

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    Teacher Shortages & Retention-First Staffing Slides

    Mitigating the impact through retention, onboarding and recruitment

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Teacher Shortages & Retention-First Staffing

Half of our survey respondents say they have a teacher shortage, and a third of those districts attribute their shortage to difficulties with retention. That means it will take more than a clever recruiting strategy to truly overcome the problem.

In this webinar, we join forces with Anchorage School District to share how districts can reduce the impact of the teacher shortage through retention, onboarding and recruitment. And we’re making the entire presentation available on-demand, so you can explore how you could implement similar strategies in your district.

You’ll learn:

  • What the shortage looks like
  • Save money on substitute placement with trainings that don’t require a teacher absence
  • Why HR and C&I must work together to overcome shortages
  • How Anchorage School District’s retention-first staffing strategy works

Presented by:

– Susan Schmidt, Senior Director HR, Anchorage School District

– Cydney Miller, SPHR, Solutions Consulting Manager, Frontline Education

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