School Health & the Post-Pandemic Future

School Health & the Post-Pandemic Future

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  • School Health & the Post-Pandemic Future

    School Health & the Post-Pandemic Future

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  • [Interviews] Student Mental Health in Crisis: Are Schools Ready?

    [Interviews] Student Mental Health in Crisis: Are Schools Ready?

    Ten experts working on the front lines of K-12 education weigh in on this important question and what it means when you factor in the pandemic.

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  • Diagnosing the School Nurse Shortage

    Diagnosing the School Nurse Shortage

    As schools across the country grapple with the myriad challenges of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, school nurses and their role in stemming the spread of the novel coronavirus have found themselves in the spotlight. This scrutiny has also served to highlight a problem that long predated the pandemic: the school nurse shortage.

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  • [Webinar] What K-12 School Leaders Need to Know About Suicide Prevention

    [Webinar] What K-12 School Leaders Need to Know About Suicide Prevention

    Learn evidence-based strategies to expand suicide prevention efforts beyond warning signs and risk factors.

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The software to securely collect and report on data related to students’ physical, mental, & behavioral health needs.

Prioritizing students’ physical and mental health is now more necessary — and complex — than ever. And growing shortages of health care personnel in schools increase the risk of students falling off the radar. Shortages also make it more likely that staff will fall out of compliance with student data privacy laws.

Frontline School Health Management helps you provide elevated, sustainable, and secure support for students by simplifying administrative processes and data collection and monitoring. With Frontline, you can:

  • Efficiently manage COVID-19 health screenings and track active cases and vaccination status
  • Focus on student interactions without sacrificing excellent documentation for every health encounter
  • Streamline screenings, immunization tracking, medication administration, and more with customizable templates
  • Prevent students from falling through the cracks by supporting consistent service delivery for each student
  • Easily access current and historical student documentation
  • Make it easier to spot students who are exhibiting high-risk patterns of behavior, such as suicide ideation or bullying
  • Communicate securely across departments and locations – and with parents – without risking FERPA or HIPAA noncompliance

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