Reopening Schools Safely: What Will It Take?

Reopening Schools Safely: What Will It Take? Webinar

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    Certificate of Participation

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  • Presentation Slides

    Presentation Slides

    Download the PowerPoint deck from the presentation.

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  • Going Back to School, Safely

    Going Back to School, Safely

    Health data is critical for navigating a safe return to classrooms.

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  • White Paper: Mitigating COVID-19 Risk

    White Paper: Mitigating COVID-19 Risk

    Here’s how schools can help reopen the economy safely.

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  • Blog: 3 Ways Districts Can Better Handle Student Records

    Blog: 3 Ways Districts Can Better Handle Student Records

    Few districts have a mature cybersecurity plan and appropriate resources to keep information secure.

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The software you need to manage student and staff health and COVID-19 virtually.

Effective school health management is critical to the health and safety of students, staff, and your community. It also helps you provide students with a quality, equitable education. Frontline School Health Management helps you minimize risk to your community — both within your district and beyond — as you work to meet students’ physical and mental health needs. With Frontline, you can:

  • Collect health data around symptoms, infection, and immunity testing in a timely, secure, and compliant manner, which is essential to determining:
    • When to (re)open schools
    • Where and with whom to target risk mitigation efforts
    • Whether current practices are working
    • Where to make special accommodations for high risk populations
    • When to adjust policies and procedures
  • Provide timely communication with internal and external stakeholders in response to time-sensitive changes in status and policy
    • Quickly send alerts to parents and staff about changes to student/staff/school/district health status, closures/openings, and policy changes
    • Rapidly share data with local/state public health agencies
    • Avoid manual and less secure methods of communication
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Disclaimer: Frontline Education does not provide guidance on instructional practices. This webinar is provided for informational purposes only.