Reopening Schools Safely: What Will It Take?

Reopening Schools Safely: What Will It Take? Webinar

1 hour 30 minutes

When it comes to reopening schools, the safety of students and staff is top of mind. But reopening comes with many new challenges and brings up a lot of questions for district and school administrators and health service providers. In this webinar, you will hear from an expert panel of state and district school health service leaders on what their main concerns are when it comes to reopening, and how they plan to minimize risk to support a safe return to school.

Why Attend:

  • Learn what strategies other education and health service leaders are implementing to safely reopen schools, such as monitoring, tracking, and reporting on COVID-19 symptoms and cases
  • Hear how other states and district leaders are using CDC guidelines to establish critical health benchmarks for reopening
  • Learn about anticipated health challenges related to reopening, such as increased mental health needs

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The software you need to manage student and staff health and COVID-19 virtually.

Effective school health management is critical to the health and safety of students, staff, and your community. It also helps you provide students with a quality, equitable education. Frontline School Health Management helps you minimize risk to your community — both within your district and beyond — as you work to meet students’ physical and mental health needs. With Frontline, you can:

  • Collect health data around symptoms, infection, and immunity testing in a timely, secure, and compliant manner, which is essential to determining:
    • When to (re)open schools
    • Where and with whom to target risk mitigation efforts
    • Whether current practices are working
    • Where to make special accommodations for high risk populations
    • When to adjust policies and procedures
  • Provide timely communication with internal and external stakeholders in response to time-sensitive changes in status and policy
    • Quickly send alerts to parents and staff about changes to student/staff/school/district health status, closures/openings, and policy changes
    • Rapidly share data with local/state public health agencies
    • Avoid manual and less secure methods of communication
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Disclaimer: Frontline Education does not provide guidance on instructional practices. This webinar is provided for informational purposes only.

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