Legally Defensible IEPs Following the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling on Providing FAPE

Legally Defensible IEPs Following the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling on Providing FAPE

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Guide Your Special Education Team to Create Legally Sound IEPs.

This webinar looks at how the definition of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) changed following the Supreme Court ruling of Endrew F v. Douglas City School District.

To explore this shift and what it means for your special education planning, John Comegno, nationally recognized school-law practitioner and founder and President of the Comegno Law Group, P.C., discusses the term “appropriate” as it relates to the creation of legally sound IEPs.

Help your special education staff understand:

  • Which data are critical to creating legally sound IEPs
  • How this ruling was influenced by other key rulings on this topic — and why connecting these dots is important for providing FAPE
  • The specific role the measurement of each student’s progress must play in the IEP process following the Court’s decision

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