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Data-Driven Care: Elevating School Nursing with Effective Reporting

Data-Driven Care: Elevating School Nursing with Effective Reporting

31 minutes

Have you wanted to make the most of the health data your district has, but you’re not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’d like to hear about best practices for using data. In this webinar, you’ll hear two perspectives on data and school nursing:


  1. Angela Orgeron, Health Services Specialist at Humble ISD in Texas, has worked in school nursing for 14 years, first as a school nurse and now as an administrator.
  2. Mylee Nigg, Solutions Director for School Health at Frontline Education, has worked for over 16 years alongside school nurses and administrators and helped school districts across the country move from manual processes to electronic health records systems for school health.


Angela shares her experience using health data to support student care as a school nurse and Mylee shares her experience working with hundreds of school districts with data-driven care, whether they’re just getting started or they’re refining their strategy.


In a quick thirty minutes, you’ll learn about…


  • The importance of accurate health reporting in schools
  • The positive impact of data-driven decisions
  • Best practices for collecting, analyzing, and utilizing health data
  • How technology can simplify reporting and data analysis
  • Strategies for advocating for school nurses using data


And more!



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Data-Driven Health Care Webinar

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