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The Special Education Teacher Shortage




Special education in the U.S. is experiencing a severe teacher shortage. It’s serious enough that some districts and schools are looking outside of the U.S. to recruit specialized teacher candidates.


In This Podcast

Dr. Tom Reap (former special education director and administrator) and Cydney Miller (former human resources director at Clarksville-Montgomery County School System) use their unique perspectives to respond to shortage-related anecdotes and concerns from a superintendent and a special education director.

They also talk about where the processes of recruiting, hiring and supporting special educators can intersect to better insulate districts and schools against the shortage.

Tom Reap
Dr. Tom Reap, former special education director and administrator
Cydney Miller
Cydney Miller, former HR director at Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

“Find out what you can do for (special educators) to help them get through their day and make life a little easier, whether it’s streamlining paperwork, better data management, to give them more time for the teaching, to support them in their professional growth. Find out what their needs are and just be a colleague.”

– Dr. Thomas Reap, Frontline Education