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Frontline Special Ed & Interventions

“We love Frontline and we love that they’re very customer-focused. We wish that every software company loved their customers as much as they do.”

– Jennifer Polk, Staffing Coordinator, Wylie ISD, Texas

Every student — regardless of their needs — deserves a high-quality education. That means K-12 organizations must be prepared to meet the challenges and complexities that arise in providing that education: costs are rising, special education teachers and providers are in high demand, compliance requirements must be met, and administrative processes can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Frontline Special Ed & Interventions gives you the tools and visibility to efficiently manage your processes and make the best decisions for your programs, staff and students.

  • Improve the quality of IEPs for better student outcomes
  • Discover and optimize your district’s allowable Medicaid potential
  • Easily develop academic and behavioral student intervention plans while simplifying RTI / MTSS case management and administration
  • Manage and scale complex ELL, gifted and talented and 504 programs