Optimally meet students’ service needs and make the most of providers’ time.

Better staffing for special education services is possible with Frontline Medicaid & Service Management .

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Staffing schools to meet your students’ special education service needs is more important, and possibly more complex, than ever. Not only do you need to allocate resources appropriately and equitably, but you also need to craft schedules that enhance student learning rather than interrupting it.

That’s where Resource Management and Automated Scheduling come in.

Proactively forecast your related service staffing needs with Resource Management

Align resources to student need & support more equitable caseloads

  • Estimate and allocate the precise level of staff needed to service students based on IEP service requirements and other workload factors
  • Enable caseload equity among all your providers and ensure each school has what it needs ― and not more
  • Account for travel time when assigning staff to multiple schools and minimize downtime due to travel
  • Gain clarity into your true staffing needs and save time and effort in your budgeting process

Make the most of providers’ time with Automated Scheduling

Maximize providers’ time with students by optimizing provider schedules and student groups

  • Reduce time spent scheduling student services with smart-scheduling technology that decreases scheduling time by up to 80%
  • Instantly adjust provider schedules when caseloads change throughout the year
  • Eliminate time wasted creating service calendars that conflict with class schedules or district and teacher pull-out restrictions
  • Easily group students by virtual and in-person encounters, service specialty (i.e. students working on articulation or fluency), grade-level, and more
  • Schedule your way – auto-generate your schedule or manually schedule students with clear visibility into the days & times that work and those that don’t

Maximize service delivery with Frontline Medicaid & Service Management

Your goal is to provide the services that will result in the best outcomes for your students. But forecasting the right level of resources to deliver those services is not always easy. And ensuring staff have the capacity and time to meet the needs of their students can seem impossible. Optimize staff utilization and time and shift the focus back to your students with Frontline Medicaid & Service Management .