Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

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Every hire is an opportunity to build a better professional community, increase student achievement and build curriculum. By hiring the best candidates for your needs, you can position your schools for continued growth and success. And because you’re using Applicant Tracking, you’re already in a great position to quickly hire great candidates.
But did you know that applicant tracking is just one part of the Frontline Recruiting & Hiring solution? We also offer research-based prescreening assessments to make sure that you’re finding the best possible candidates.
Right now, it’s not an option to meet candidates face-to-face. But you deserve to feel confident about each hire because you know that every hire is an investment for the district. Screening Assessments can give you that extra vote of confidence.



Screening Assessments

  • Find the best applicants for any position in your district with unique, EEOC-compliant assessments for different job types
  • Structure interviews and provide interviewers with questions based on applicant scores
  • Ensure that the best hire was made with post-hire performance surveys


Confidence in hiring during uncertain times.