This year’s employee evaluations could be your best yet.

Wondering how to evaluate virtual instruction? Or how to best support teachers as they adapt to the new normal? Frontline Professional Growth can help.


In a challenging year, your discussions with employees about growth are more important than ever. But engaging employees in meaningful conversation is easier said than done.

Frontline’s Employee Evaluation Management helps you go beyond the paperwork associated with evaluations and get back to the mentorship at the heart of your feedback.

“I can run reports on how all my first-year teachers are doing and see what they’re struggling in. I can break it down by school, by contract level, or district-wide. I can find the average score of every indicator of the new rubric. That allows me to know what I need to focus on to help them.”

Kevin Smoak, Coordinator for Evaluation and Effectiveness, Lexington School District Two, South Carolina

Forget about evaluation paperwork and focus on providing helpful feedback to all of the administrators, classified, and certified staff across your district.

Your district employs a broad spectrum of employees in a wide variety of roles — but evaluating them can be a huge challenge, especially when it comes to meeting state requirements.

With Frontline’s evaluation management tools, you can manage the entire process online and concentrate on providing feedback that matters to all of your district employees: teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, administrators, custodians, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, coaches, office staff, and more.


Did you know?

For formal evaluation and informal feedback, collaborative video embedded into Learning & Collaboration Resources offers opportunities for teachers to work with peers or mentors to improve their practice.

Simplify Employee Evaluations

Manage evaluations with easy-to-use custom workflows and automated processes, so employees can focus more on growth.

Engage Teachers

Give teachers direct access to their evaluation data, enabling them to assess their progress and showcase their professional growth journeys.

Manage SLOs

Host all of your Student Learning Objective data in one system, managing single or multiple SLOs for each person.

Support Educator Growth

Incorporate data from multiple measures and with the full Frontline Professional Growth solution, recommend targeted PD based on evaluation results.

Go Beyond the “Annual Review”

With Frontline Professional Growth, an employee’s evaluation results don’t just sit in a filing cabinet. Incorporating data from multiple sources, the system can recommend targeted, standards-aligned learning opportunities.

The individual can then take those recommendations to create their own PD plan complete with measures for success, goals, and action steps.

“When we implemented, we tried to create it for all campus professionals, not just for instructional teachers. The evaluation system applies just as much to a nurse or counselor as it does to teachers. We wanted something that would let us track and monitor the whole process — a platform for using the Danielson Framework, and also customizable for us.”

Dr. Bryan Butler, Director of Human Resources – Communication and Technology, Aldine, Texas

Detailed Reports.

Identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth according to your district’s chosen rubric.

Wondering where to begin when it comes to evaluating teachers’ virtual classes? Frontline offers the virtual observation rubric modified from USC Center for Excellence in Teaching and The Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching.


Meaningful feedback, continuous growth.

Our employee evaluation management tools allow you to oversee every component of the evaluation process, including: self-reflection and goal-setting, in-class observations, student learning objectives and growth data. That means you can focus having meaningful discussions about practice with educators.

And the journey doesn’t stop there — Frontline Professional Growth is a comprehensive solution to help you reinforce strengths and address areas of need through continuous, job-embedded learning. Spend less time on compliance, and more time supporting your employees as they engage in reflection, collaboration with peers and taking ownership of their professional development.