Manage PD Absences

Managing PD Absences with Frontline


Bert and Ernie. Abbott and Costello. Bagels and cream cheese.

Add another to the list of classic combos:

Frontline Professional Growth and Absence Management.

Our solutions work together to help you support your employees — and save time, too. And the good news is, you already have the first half of the perfect partnership. Now, it’s time to look at how Frontline Professional Growth completes the picture.


When your teachers request time off for professional learning, Absence Management will automatically look for a substitute to step into the classroom — as well as track absence data during the school year. Because the two systems work hand-in-hand, you can stop entering data twice, and breathe easy knowing that what you enter in Frontline Professional Growth will show up in your absence management system, instantly and error-free.


Spend less time on paperwork, and more time on what matters most: supporting your educators in being the best at what they do.

Explore Frontline Professional Growth

Our professional learning management tool helps you keep tabs on every aspect of your educators’ professional development – creating a plan, tracking impact and empowering your employees to take an active role.

  • Easily manage all aspects of professional development for all your employees online
  • Align professional learning to state, district, building and personal goals
  • Track employees’ compliance with certification requirements
  • Allow employees to take an active role in their professional growth
  • Generate reports to track PD costs and funding sources
  • Stop wasting time on paper-based catalogs, sign-in sheets, approvals and more
  • Offer learning opportunities to address each teacher’s individual needs with Micro-Credentials, Collaborative Groups, Just-in-time Learning and SCORM-Compliant Courses
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