Confidently support the whole English learner

Plan a continuum of support for English learners with Frontline’s program management software.


One software for supporting English learners and students with special needs

Your Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) colleagues use Frontline to see a clearer picture of the whole child, to elevate student support. Each picture should include this critical detail: is this student an English learner (EL)?

Yet, with so many students to serve in Texas, it can be challenging to coordinate across ARD and English-learner programs.

Similarly, LPACs and staff working with ELs could be missing key information about students who also have disabilities. And those informational gaps can lead to gaps in support and diminished student self-confidence.

Frontline software provides a platform to seamlessly share information across EL and ARD programs, and more.

Help English Learners Thrive

Make Plans

Use data from your student information system and other sources to improve your ability to plan for each learner. Reduce the chances of educator burnout by saving time through the elimination of redundant data entry.

Collaborate with Ease

Work seamlessly with special education coordinators and other colleagues to plan, based on a fuller view of each learner’s need and history. Make sure ARD representatives are invited to LPAC meetings.

Manage Meetings

Confidently prepare for and lead each type of state-required LPAC meeting, including Initial Placement, Mid-Year, End of Year and Monitoring of Exited/Re-classified Students. Electronically sign and batch archive documents with one click.


Track Progress

Track and archive STAAR, TELPAS, oral language proficiency test data and subjective teacher assessment data in one place for easy reference.

Stay Compliant

Efficiently meet TEA deadlines and monitor who is accessing student files. Rest assured that your PEIMS data is compliant.

Don’t get stuck in reactive mode.

  • When staff are stuck in reactive mode, students pay the price
  • Putting out fires all day is emotionally exhausting and often contributes to staff turnover
  • There are so many compliance deadlines to hit ― missing even one can put funding at risk

Your students deserve the best possible support.

Take back your time while making plans that serve the whole child.

Supporting you is what ignites us.

Getting paperwork and compliance management right is critical, yet it shouldn’t be the center of your world. You got into this field to make things better for students. Then, somewhere along the line, you started spending half of your time sitting in front of a computer.

Our software was designed by former administrators and educators to reduce the amount of time you spend on the administrative side of managing special student populations. That’s why more than 2,300 education organizations in the U.S. use Frontline English Learner Program Management.

We partner with Texas advisory panels to keep compliance validations and workflows up-to-date and conducive to the way you actually work. So you can depend on our software to automate complex administrative processes and get back to what you do best, helping your staff and students thrive.

“Students can fall into more than one category. By getting those instructional accommodations and making sure we’re giving the right assessments, that benefits the students.”

– Mary Martin, Director of Language Acquisition, Keller Independent School District

Keller Independent School District supports the whole English learner.