Revolutionize pay for substitute teachers!

Frontline Education has partnered with Wagestream in a ground-breaking move that will combine their technologies to give substitute teachers complete control over when they get paid. The partnership between Frontline Education and Wagestream will bring financial flexibility to the K-12 population that might just want it most: Substitutes!

Frontline Education’s exclusive partnership with Wagestream offers substitutes flexible access to their pay when they want it, as they earn it. Control over pay fosters financial wellbeing and minimizes stress.

Why Wagestream will have an impact:

  • Improve substitute fill rates
  • Bring better financial control to your substitutes
  • 75% of people feel less stressed when they have Wagestream
  • Recruit 27% faster by using Wagestream as a benefit

What this is not:

  • No hidden fees
  • No disruption to district cashflow
  • No loans or credit
  • No guilt trips to tip

Simple, secure and reliable access to earned wages for substitutes!

Not to mention the opportunity to incentivize substitutes to take jobs at your district. Frontline Education is committed to bringing innovation to your district to help support your efforts to being recognized as a destination district for substitutes. Furthermore, Wagestream is a certified B-corp organization; meaning they meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

There’s no better dynamic duo than Frontline Education and Wagestream to empower your district with the powerful benefit of financial flexibility to your substitutes!


“Wagestream is very helpful for me because I am on disability. When I work in the middle of the week, sometimes my funds do get a little low, and it is helpful that I can have access to my money that I’ve already earned.”

Vonett Jones

Substitute Teacher | Buckingham County Public Schools, VA

Wagestream Mockups

Want to get early access to Wagestream, an offering that can help attract and retain substitutes at your school district?

There’s no implementation, just simple instructions for your substitutes to enroll and access via Frontline Education.

Sign up for early access! An exclusive group of districts will be selected in the coming weeks.