University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership

University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership

The University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) is nationally recognized for its education leaders who work from the belief that all students can achieve at high levels. CEL partners with school districts, charter schools, state departments of education, educational support organizations, and foundations from across the United States, focusing on the improvement of student learning and systems for improving adult performance.

University of Washington CEL 5D+™ Rubric

To help schools and districts successfully implement high-quality instructional practices, the Center for Educational Leadership developed the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning™ (5D™) instructional framework. Focusing on five dimensions of teaching — Purpose, Student Engagement, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Assessment for Student Learning, and Classroom Environment and Culture — the framework can be used as the “lens” for classroom observations, as a guide for teachers, and as a reference during lesson planning and staff meetings about instructional practices.

The 5D instructional framework is closely aligned to CEL’s 5D+ Rubric for Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation. The 5D+ Rubric is composed of 30 indicators of teacher performance, each delineated along four levels of teaching practice, from unsatisfactory to basic, proficient, and distinguished. Together, the framework and rubric provide teachers, principals and district administrators the means to increase consistency in conversations about instruction. The 5D+ Rubric also includes Professional Collaboration and Communication, which is based on activities and relationships that teachers engage in outside of classroom instruction.

An efficient, streamlined process that leverages technology for teacher evaluation helps enable a growth-focused process. That’s why Frontline Education and the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership have worked together to make the CEL 5D+ Rubric available within Frontline Professional Growth.

Why use the CEL 5D+ Rubric and Frontline Professional Growth?

  • CONDUCT GROWTH-ORIENTED EVALUATIONS focused on high-quality learning and based on research into the core elements that constitute impactful instruction.
  • DEVELOP A COMMON LANGUAGE AND SHARED VISION for improving teaching and learning.
  • EASILY SCHEDULE EVALUATIONS AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK aligned to the rubric dimensions.
  • ANALYZE AND CALIBRATE EVALUATION RATINGS across classrooms, schools and districts.
  • PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT in specific areas of need by aligning learning to rubric dimensions.
  • INCREASE THE EXPERTISE OF SCHOOL LEADERS to guide and support the professional growth of teachers.

5D, 5D+, “5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning,” and other logos/identifiers are trademarks of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership.

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