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School Improvement Network is now a part of Frontline Education

As part of Frontline Education, we are excited to continue providing educators with the tools they need.

School Improvement Network’s award-winning Edivate resources and collaboration tools join with Frontline’s professional learning and evaluation management tools and extensive course library to ensure your educators have what they need to become masters at their craft.

Professional Learning Management

Plan, manage and track every aspect of the professional learning process to impact student learning.

Employee Evaluation Management

Make evaluations part of the growth process by linking evaluation outcomes from trained evaluators to professional learning unique to individual teacher needs and goals.

Did you know?

With Frontline Professional Growth, you can apply your own frameworks or use pre-configured rubrics such as the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument (FFTEI), the Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System, the Strategic Observation and Reflection (SOAR) Teaching Frames and the CEL 5D and 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubrics. Frontline is the exclusive digital provider of Danielson 2011 and 2013 frameworks.

Learning & Collaboration Resources

Offer learning opportunities to address each teacher’s individual needs.