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Meet Student Needs and Bring Much Needed Funds Back into Your District

Find Out How

Supporting students is at the heart of everything you do. But in today’s environment, you’re faced with countless challenges in meeting students’ needs. From ensuring their health and safety as you reopen schools, to delivering special education and mental health services both in school and remote, you may be overwhelmed with the operational and financial impact of COVID on your ability to help students thrive.

There’s relief in sight.

With Frontline, you can optimally deliver special education services, support students’ physical and mental health needs, and bring critical funding back into your district to continue funding those services.

Here’s How:

  1. Optimize resource utilization and efficiency to ensure all services reach students.

    From making sure you have adequate staffing to deliver services, to streamlining documentation for special education, nursing, and mental and behavioral health services, Frontline helps you make the most of your resources.

    Deliver on the promises in your IEPs. Explore Frontline Service Management

  2. Enhance service delivery and student outcomes.

    Feel confident knowing you’re not just delivering the services your students need, but that those services are making an impact with visibility into student progress.

    Streamline documentation. Explore Frontline Service Tracking

  3. Support student (and staff!) health needs.

    Assess and address individual and group health needs, including screening, tracking, and monitoring COVID-19 symptoms and cases.

    Provide better care more efficiently. Explore Frontline School Health Management

  4. Maximize Medicaid reimbursements.

    When you leverage Frontline’s Medicaid tools, your work optimizing service delivery will result in increased Medicaid funds—critical to supporting you in funding student services.

    Bring funds back into your district. Explore Frontline Medicaid Management

Vendor consolidation is essential in the new normal.

Budgets are tight and districts need to be able to do more with less. Frontline’s Student Management software helps you meet student need, bring Medicaid funds back into your district, and offers financial and operational incentives as well. Here’s how:

  1. Consolidate various point solutions with a suite of industry leading products exclusively focused on K-12.

  2. Minimize spend with cost effective bundled pricing giving you more money for other initiatives.

  3. Gain better visibility into spending with predictable pricing throughout the contract term.

  4. Reduce vendor complexity with one vendor for multiple mission-critical products.

  5. Streamline user management and permissions with one program.

  6. Simplify contract administration with one administrative connection point for various products.