Field Trip: Resident Principals

It’s no secret: principals are vital to the success of a school. But what’s the best way to train those who want to step into that role? In the last few years, more schools have looked to a clinical residency training model that gives principals-in-training on-the-job experience.

This week, we speak with Jackie Gran, Chief Policy and Evaluation Officer at New Leaders, an organization that works to prepare education leaders to make an impact in some of the highest-need schools in America. Their Aspiring Principals program provides opportunities for principals-in-training to work in schools alongside mentor principals for an entire year, much like a medical residency does for doctors.

We’re also joined by Crystal Harden-Lindsey, Executive Director of Green Street Academy in Baltimore, MD, and graduate of the New Leaders Aspiring Principals program. We ask Crystal and Jackie about this residency training model, what principals and teachers say about it, and what school districts can learn as they develop the principals and leaders of tomorrow.