Field Trip: Ownership & Student Voice

Picture what happens happen when every staff member in your school or district – from substitutes to the superintendent – can articulate exactly how they are connected to your educational mission. When students have a genuine voice in their learning. When everyone feels heard and has ownership in education.

That’s what Mountain Brook Schools in Birmingham, Alabama set their sights on.

Director of Instruction Missy Brooks and junior high principal Donald Clayton share why they were surprised when they asked students if they felt listened to or not, and what they did in response:

  • How they cast a vision for soliciting student voice
  • What having a voice does for students – and how it’s possible to get excited about learning grammar
  • How they build ownership in every staff member across the district so that every single person is invested in making an educational impact
  • Offering professional development that encourages ownership and leadership
  • How all of this breaks down barriers between the district office, building leadership and staff


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