Field Trip: Equity, Part 2: Fifty Years Later

In Louisiana, 1969: “separate but equal” is a thing of the past – in theory. In practice, schools are largely still divided along racial lines. Eileen Sanchez was a white teacher who taught in the “black school,” at least until the day students and staff were told the school was closing.

In her book Freedom Lessons, Eileen details that tumultuous year and what it was like for her, the students and the other teachers. We spoke with Eileen about her experience:

  • What she learned about race and diversity
  • The impact it has had on her career as a teacher and ultimately, as a district administrator
  • Where we are today, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of education in 2020 and beyond
  • How teachers, administrators and department leaders like HR and C&I can work toward equity in their school systems