Field Trip: Employee Wellness Programs in K-12

Five years ago, Dr. Andy Koenigs was tasked with employee recruitment and retention at Emporia Public Schools in Kansas. Borrowing a strategy from the business world, he and his team launched an employee wellness program. Here’s how — and the impact it had on engagement, absences and district finances.

In our interview, Dr. Koenigs, the Associate Superintendent for Human Resources, talks to us about:

  • The grassroots effort that got the ball rolling
  • Details about their program, what it looks like and incentives for participation
  • How they leveraged the program to get a $50,000 grant from their health insurance company
  • A 30% drop in employee absences due to personal or family illness after beginning the wellness program
  • What other K-12 leaders who are considering similar initiatives can learn from Emporia’s program