At a Glance:

Northside Independent School District

Location: San Antonio, TX
Staff: 13,424
Enrollment: 106,066
Facilities: 119


Northside Independent School District

Tailoring innovative learning experiences for each student by leveraging special-population management software


As one of the largest education organizations in Texas, Northside Independent School District (NISD) knows the importance of having an active and collaborative district community, including students, parents and staff — it’s a crucial part of providing exceptional experiences for each learner.

At one time, NISD’s paper-centric system was inhibiting smooth collaboration for staff working with special populations. Educators and specialists delivering services through Section 504, English language learner, special education and RTI programs didn’t always have easy and reliable access to student records or histories that provided information about the whole child.

Choosing to adopt Frontline Special Education Management brought several exciting changes for the NISD community, including:

  • An easier way to manage compliance for Section 504, special education and ELL programs
  • Streamlined tracking capabilities for RTI efforts
  • Improved support and training for thousands of district staff
  • Ready access to a single portal for viewing student histories, accommodations and assessment data
  • Time back to further customize student support based on individual need
  • A new way to easily and quickly transfer student files within or outside the district
  • The support of the Frontline Client Success team, many of whom are former educators