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Case Study

Frontline Absence & Time at Mason County Schools

Finance Director Lisa Moreland shares how Frontline makes payroll “so much easier.”

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Hi, my name is Lisa Moreland, and I am the Finance Director for Mason County Schools.

Before Frontline was introduced to us, we were doing many timesheets by hand. It was time-consuming and overwhelming. Once we were trained to use Frontline and trained our employees, it was so much easier. It allowed us to do two payrolls a month instead of one, which made our employees very happy.

Also, with absences, it is a huge time saver. We used to notarize cards and transfer the days to a cumulative card for every employee. None of us miss that craziness! Now employees can input their absences and then their supervisor can approve it. It takes us out of the equation other than reconciling the absences.

Frontline also has “how to” videos and an online chat so we can get help quickly. Recently, we hosted a free training session for Frontline. They sent trainers and supplied lunch for us and other districts who attended. It was very casual, and it allowed users to ask questions. We learned a lot as well as helped other districts decide if they want to use Frontline.

Thank you, Frontline, for always helping us be better!


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Lisa Moreland
– Finance Director, Mason County Schools