Are manual processes or too many different systems keeping you from focusing on initiatives you know can make an impact?

Education leaders like yourself are often weighed down by inefficient manual processes and paperwork — or at best, different software systems that don’t talk to each other. The time wasted and lack of visibility can keep you from devoting effort to the initiatives you know can make a bigger impact.

The Frontline Insights Platform was designed to meet just that challenge. Download our brief guide to learn more about what a technology platform looks like for education leaders, and how it can power the insights you need to do your job.

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Insights Platform

What is the Frontline Insights Platform?

The Frontline Insights Platform is our answer to the need for one system for K-12 that can help you attract, engage, grow and retain your educators – the greatest single impact on student learning.

By bringing critical technologies together, we’re providing on-demand, actionable insights to support educator growth and improved student outcomes.

Built on a comprehensive set of solutions, the Insights Platform reduces administrative workload while supporting data-driven decisions aligned to district goals and strategic objectives.

Our Solutions:

Frontline Insights Platform

We’re laying the groundwork for a completely connected set of solutions for K-12, and many of our solutions already include this enhanced functionality.

Here’s a closer look:

  • SOC2-compliant security to keep your employee data safe
  • Identity management to ensure security, compliance and easy access
  • Mobile access to increase employee engagement
  • A common user interface and navigation so you can move seamlessly from one solution to another
  • Insights that enable operational and strategic decision-making along with benchmarking
  • Course Libraries Course Libraries for crucial, SCORM-compliant employee learning


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