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How to Get Started with Your School District Cybersecurity Program


School district technology leaders: there’s a growing threat to the schools you serve, and it’s not low internet bandwidth or outdated hardware… it’s school cyber attacks.

With increasing frequency, school districts are the targets of cyber attacks that can result in sensitive employee and student data being lost – or worse, exposed. As we’ve covered on this blog before, these attacks on school district data and subsequent data breaches are on the rise for two reasons:

  1. student information is increasingly valuable on the data “black market,” and
  2. hackers are taking advantage of outdated school district security protocols that can’t defend against the new wave of attacks

If your district is not actively preparing for these threats, you could be an easy target.

But there’s good news – lots of school district technology leaders are on the offensive, taking proactive measures to safeguard employee and student information, and you can do the same.

Wondering how to get started? Our free Cybersecurity Program Getting Started Guide can point you in the right direction. You’ll get a full checklist of considerations to start your own program, plus lots of links to additional resources for a deeper dive.

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Allison Wert

Allison (Ali) Wert is the former Content Marketing Manager of the award-winning content team at Frontline Education. She has nearly 10 years' experience writing about education topics, including best practices for K-12 strategic human capital management. Under her leadership, the team at Frontline was recognized as the Winner of CMA's 2017 Project of the Year and Best Content Marketing Program.