A Standing Ovation for Every Teacher


teacher with apple icon overlay

It’s not for the money.

Nor the evenings spent grading papers, the calls from the occasional upset parent or the sink-or-swim “opportunity” in those first few years to develop the needed skills to manage a classroom.

And it’s certainly not for the recognition — for every educator like those in Mr. Holland’s Opus, Lean on Me or Dangerous Minds, there are a myriad of incredible teachers whose names we will never know, making a difference in the lives of students.

So what draws teachers into their profession? To do a difficult job (rewarding, yes, but difficult) while navigating the twists and turns of education policy, evolving assessment criteria and often inadequate school funding? We believe the answer is a passion for teaching and learning, to make lives and communities better.

Many of us at Frontline have worked in education — some for a few years, some for many. Far more of us have spouses, family members and friends who teach. And each of us can tell stories of that teacher (I’m looking at you, Mr. Newlin) who could expertly pull us out of that post-lunch slump and get us excited about learning.

So to all you teachers who have invested in us, in our children and in the students across America today, thank you. We see your work, your skill, your love for learning, and we’re grateful.


Ryan Estes

Ryan is managing editor for the global award-winning creative team at Frontline Education. He spends his time writing, podcasting, and creating content for leaders in K-12 education.