Instant Poll: What Professional Development Did You Take Over the Summer?

Professional Growth

Remember that cursive writing paper you used to use in elementary school? Slightly gray or yellowed paper, with red and blue lines on it — each row solid at the top and bottom, dashed in the middle?

You nailed that uppercase Q and lowercase z, and graduated to black and white composition notebooks. Just like the older kids have. Third grade is gonna be lit.

Late August, the first day back at school. You tumbled out of the bus and found your classroom. With anticipation, you pulled your composition notebook out of your bookbag, dug out a gleaming new pencil, and waited for your first essay assignment…

“What I did over summer vacation.” Oh, wordsmiths rejoice!

Take a moment to breathe in the nostalgia, but then get ready, because that assignment is here once more. Short on time? Don’t worry… this time, there’s no writing involved.

For educators, summer may look a bit different than the rest of the year, but there’s still plenty of work going on — including pursuing your own learning.

So here’s our question: what kinds of professional development did you take part in this summer? Take the poll and see how your results stack up to others.

Ryan Estes

Ryan is managing editor for the global award-winning creative team at Frontline Education. He spends his time writing, podcasting, and creating content for leaders in K-12 education.