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3 Human Capital Management Questions, Answered

Human Capital Management

You instinctively know that strategic human capital management – i.e. attracting, engaging, supporting and retaining great staff – leads to better student outcomes. But sometimes the weight of day-to-day tasks makes progress seem impossible – where do you even start?

We’ve put together an array of colorful dashboards to help you get started. From employee absences to recruiting to professional development, you can explore key K-12 human capital management questions that serve as a starting point to evaluate your own programs.

Here are a few of our favorite questions that you can ask — and start to answer — today.

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A few of our personal favorites:

1. What are your best sources for finding applicants?

Any data that validates your spending is a win. Maybe you’re getting most of your applicants from that annual job fair, but nearly all of your recent hires are coming from. Does that mean you can cut spending at the job fair? Perhaps.

The thing to keep in mind is that this data is meant to arm you with the information to confidently make decisions, not force decisions on you.

2. Are teachers improving in their practice?

This question may appear qualitative or anecdotal on the surface, but if you dig a bit deeper you might unearth some interesting trends in your district. If you notice that you have room for growth, you’ll be able to investigate the root cause. Maybe the professional learning offered is not matching up with teachers’ needs. But the first step toward improvement is noticing.

3. What are our special education program’s biggest challenges?

When you spend your days juggling emails, meetings and paperwork, identifying the items that are top-priority can feel like a task in and of itself.

When the stakes are high, every case is urgent. But decision paralysis can keep you from moving forward on any case. Simple, easy-to-use dashboards give you an immediate snapshot of your special education program in real-time, so you know where to put your energy first on any given day.

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Elise Ozarowski

Elise is a writer and member of the award-winning content team at Frontline Education. A former member of Frontline’s events team, she is passionate about making connections, whether that be in person at events, online via social media or directly in her writing.