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How The Every Student Succeeds Act Impacts Professional Development: Collaborative and Job-Embedded

Professional Growth

bridging the gap report

Are you looking for ways to measure and refine your professional learning program?

Are you comfortable with the ESSA definitions of professional development?

Curious how to make meaningful changes to foster collaboration among your staff and truly offer job-embedded learning?

Then check out the latest issue of the Bridging the Gap report series! In Bridging the Gap, the Frontline Research & Learning Institute brings you the first retrospective examination of professional development through the lens of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Based on data from a sample of U.S. schools over the last five years, findings suggest that the clear majority of professional development in the U.S. falls woefully short of the new federal definition.

Bridging the Gap Part III: Collaborative & Job-Embedded, part three of the four-part series, continues to dive into the research from over 200 school systems, 100,000 educators and 375,000 learning activities to identify what schools are doing and offer tips for continued improvement.

In this report, we’ll explore:

  • How should professional learning be organized so educators can work together through the learning process (collaborative)?
  • How can professional learning be integrated meaningfully into the daily work of educators so it is immediately relevant (job-embedded)?
  • How do you measure the extent to which our professional learning program supports job embedded and collaborative learning?

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Elizabeth Combs

Elizabeth Combs began her career as an elementary school teacher and Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology at Patchogue-Medford School District before moving to Imperial Software Systems, a professional learning services company, where she eventually served as President. She then held positions at My Learning Plan Inc. as President and Chief Strategy Officer. With degrees from the State University of New York at Geneseo and Teachers College, Columbia University, Ms. Combs has a passion for leveraging technology to support educator growth and over two decades of experience developing solutions rooted in best practices for professional development.