Continuous Educator Improvement? We Have Resources for That.

Professional Growth

Continuous improvement — an idea that has taken root in other industries — is increasingly seen in K-12. Often, it refers to continuous school improvement and long-term growth in student achievement, engagement, attendance and the like.

The way toward that vision is complex. Funding, class size and parental involvement are just a few factors that play a role. But it’s widely known that one of the most important factors (if not the most) is the quality of educators.

Since we know that one-and-done workshops aren’t effective at promoting improvements in teacher effectiveness, what does it look like to support a holistic, ongoing cycle of continuous teacher growth?

That’s an important question worth grappling with. It’s why we’ve put together a page chock-full of resources to energize your staff and inspire conversations.

  • Stories from school districts who are leading the way in iterative, groundbreaking professional learning
  • White papers, eBooks and webinars that dive into feedback, a growth mindset and school culture
  • Articles and interactive quizzes to spark ideas
  • Food for thought as you consider how to tie professional learning, employee evaluations and peer collaboration to one another

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Ryan Estes

Ryan is managing editor for the global award-winning creative team at Frontline Education. He spends his time writing, podcasting, and creating content for leaders in K-12 education.