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Student Liberty and Justice for All

The Line

The 4th of July brings a much-needed day for relaxation and remembrance after wrapping up another busy school year. Who isn’t ready for some sunshine, picnics and fireworks?

But as we relax and remember, Independence Day gives us yet another opportunity: to reflect on the critical issue of student liberty and how it comes to life in K-12.

  • How are we doing in pursuit of equitable education for all students? 
  • How are student liberties balanced against the rights of their communities?
  • How is K-12 changing in the face student protests, systemic racism and illegal immigration?

These are not small questions, and they present ample opportunity for civil discourse on all sides. We tackle these issues and more in Issue 3 of The Line.

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The Line is an award-winning publication of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute dedicated to facilitating civil discourse on critical issues facing K-12 education.

By bringing together diverse perspectives across education, The Line creates a community for evidence-based, thoughtful debate that furthers understanding, bridges divides, and drives action for the benefit of our students.

With liberty as the backdrop for Issue 3, The Line brought together diverse perspectives ranging from superintendents and charter school CEOs to former undersecretary of Education Ted Mitchell.

Articles include:

Reflection on civil rights from NBA world champion M.L. Carr
Lessons learned from student protests
New research on equity in special education
Making culturally relevant curriculum choices

… and many more.

Explore Issue 3 Now  

Allison Wert

Allison (Ali) Wert is the former Content Marketing Manager of the award-winning content team at Frontline Education. She has nearly 10 years' experience writing about education topics, including best practices for K-12 strategic human capital management. Under her leadership, the team at Frontline was recognized as the Winner of CMA's 2017 Project of the Year and Best Content Marketing Program.