Open for 4 Weeks Only: 2019 Insights Summit Video Vault


This time of year, each day is shorter than the last. If you’re in the northeast, you only have around 9 hours of daylight right now. Time for a hot beverage, a fleece blanket and something excellent to watch.

Be honest: if you haven’t binged season 3 of The Crown by now, it probably isn’t going to happen. So here’s a better idea. Between now and January 9th only, see everything you missed at the Frontline Insights Summit 2019 in Orlando (or if you were there, see it again)! Our Video Vault just opened, but it won’t stay that way — get instant access while it lasts to over 6 hours of the best presentations from Tom Arnett, the Rock Star Principals, Frontline experts and school district leaders.



Want a sample? Here’s the keynote address from Tom Arnett, Senior Research Fellow at the Christensen Institute.


The Teacher’s Quest for Progress
Tom Arnett
School improvement initiatives rarely consider teachers’ goals and challenges in their day-to-day work with their students. Using a framework and theory called Jobs to be Done, Tom Arnett uncovers what motivates teachers to change their instructional practices and then highlights how this theory can inform innovation in your school.

The Insight Summit Video Vault: Available for 4 weeks only.


Ryan Estes

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