Frontline Response to Intervention (RTI)

Effectively identify, monitor and serve struggling learners.

Streamline your RTI process for less paperwork, more time and better data. 


Working in education stems from a commitment to prepare every student for success. And when it comes to struggling learners, Response to Intervention (RTI) can help ensure that students receive the supports they need.

Our solution makes it easy to manage and scale even the most complex RTI processes. You can simplify all of the tracking, documenting and monitoring necessary to help ensure that students are receiving enough support. And you can get even more visibility into student progress and RTI efficacy, so you can make data-driven decisions.

  • Identify and tier at-risk students, and develop academic and behavioral student intervention plans

  • Access all RTI-related assessment and progress monitoring data, documentation and reports in one place

  • Monitor progress and automatically create charts

  • Simplify case management and administration



Ensure that at-risk students don’t slip through the cracks by automatically identifying who may need intervention and flagging non-responsive students.


Reduce the amount of paperwork associated with RTI and return valuable time to teaching.


Streamline the entire process and scale your district’s RTI models, policies and procedures.


Collaboratively create quality intervention plans online, and easily record each student’s entire intervention history.

Frontline brings it all together


Improved Student Outcomes

Automatically identify and tier struggling learners, develop academic or behavioral intervention plans and easily see at a glance if interventions are working.


Progress Monitoring

Monitor student learning by automatically generating charts with target, actual and estimated scores.


Data-Driven Decisions

Get the information you need by managing all RTI-related data, documents and reports in one system.


Time Savings

Reclaim your time by simplifying case management and administration for all academic and behavioral RTI models.


Easier Communication

Produce personalized parent notices, letters and reports from an extensive library of customizable documents.

Frontline RTI

RTI Data and Program Management

An effective RTI program can improve student outcomes and reduce special education referrals, but it’s not easy to manage. Our system handles all of the tracking, monitoring and analysis necessary to streamline and scale your RTI model.

This means that you can ensure that educators are providing students with the highest levels of support, and get insights that support decision-making.

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Student Management Systems Integration

When you’re looking at student information, you shouldn’t have to look all over to get crucial, accurate information. Our system helps you share student data between your general education student management system and Frontline RTI. That means that you no longer have to manually update student information across different systems — increasing efficiency, improving accuracy and eliminating redundant data entry.

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Document Archiving and Management

Evaluation reports, RTI referral forms, signed consent forms, prescriptions… your special education, Medicaid and RTI programs require a lot of documentation! Do you have an efficient way to store and retrieve these important documents when you need them? Our document archiving and management tools make it easy to access and manage the documents you need from multiple sources, all in one place online.

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