Frontline Medicaid

Unlock your district’s full Medicaid reimbursement potential.

Optimize Medicaid reimbursement and enhance compliance.

Easily manage every aspect of Medicaid reimbursement

School-based Medicaid reimbursement has long been a critical source of funds for school districts. Now more than ever, with ever-tightening budget pressure, it’s critical for school districts to optimize allowable Medicaid reimbursement while enhancing compliance.

Fortunately, there’s Frontline Medicaid: a web-based solution for managing school-based Medicaid claiming. And because it’s fully integrated with Frontline IEP, you get a single end-to-end solution for the entire special education and Medicaid process and more compliance monitoring than ever before.


A few of the problems solved: 

  • Understand the potential of your district’s allowable Medicaid reimbursement  
  • Gain insights to set realistic goals for optimizing allowable reimbursement
  • Identify, prioritize and act on the highest potential opportunities for achieving Medicaid reimbursement goals
  • Save time for providers with faster and easier documentation of sessions
  • Automatically verify claim data and documentation to help ensure compliance



Optimize allowable Medicaid reimbursement while maintaining compliance and saving time for providers.


Automatically identify the easiest and most significant areas to increase reimbursement.


Pinpoint opportunities to optimize Medicaid reimbursement and ensure compliance.


Automatically validate that claims being submitted are aligned with what is mandated on IEPs.

Frontline brings it all together



Integration with Frontline IEP

A real-time integration creates a single, end-to-end data set and workflow for Medicaid claiming.


Validation Reports

Gain instant visibility into validation errors and resolution steps, prioritized by highest impact.


Status Dashboard

Track actual reimbursement against your customized reimbursement goals as claims are paid.


Management Reports

Access on-demand or scheduled reports on the status of Medicaid claims.


Content Library

Get an overview of compliance requirements with links to related resources and relevant snap-shot data.

Frontline Medicaid

Medicaid Tracking and Claiming

The reimbursement to your district for Medicaid claiming can be significant, but the regulations are complex and documentation is intensive. That’s why the right tools can make all the difference in optimizing your potential reimbursement and enhancing compliance.

Our tools help your providers easily track encounters and allow your district to efficiently manage the claims submission and reconciliation process. And when used with our fully-integrated Frontline IEP solution, our tools provide unparalleled visibility and validations necessary for compliance management and cost recovery.

Document Archiving and Management

Evaluation reports, signed consent forms, prescriptions… managing Medicaid reimbursement requires a lot of documentation! Do you have an efficient way to store and retrieve important documents when you need them?

Our document archiving and management tools make it easy to access and manage the documents you need from multiple sources, all in one place, online.

Learn more about document archiving and management  

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