Frontline Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Get time back for supporting exceptional learners.

Enhance compliance, support best practices and improve the quality of IEPs.

One solution for IEP and special education management

Special education is highly complex and extremely challenging, with ever-changing regulations and increasing demands, but limited resources. It’s no wonder that special education costs are rising; special education teachers and providers are in high demand, while cumbersome administrative processes are taking precious time away from supporting children.

That’s where Frontline IEP (formerly IEP Direct) can help. Built for state-specific compliance requirements, our solution helps you reclaim time, with easy-to-use tools for enhancing compliance, supporting best practices and improving the quality of IEPs.

  • Enhance compliance and support best practices

  • Increase the accuracy and ease of state reporting

  • Optimize reimbursement and reduce litigation costs

  • Reduce administrative burden and return time to teaching

  • Integrate seamlessly with your general education student management system

  • Improve the quality of IEPs for better student outcomes



Improve the quality and compliance of IEPs — in less time — with an easy-to-use interface and embedded best practices.


Meet critical procedural timelines with easy access to real-time case management data.


Produce accurate state compliance reports with verification built-in right at the time of data entry.


Gain access to special education administrative reports so you can use data to determine the most effective use of resources.

Frontline brings it all together


Online Collaboration

Engage collaboratively in the development of IEPs with real-time document sharing and role-based permissions for access to student records.


Electronic Transfer

Instantly and securely receive or send IEPs for transfer students.


Easy Navigation

Designed by special education practitioners and infused with cutting-edge technology to be easy to learn and use.


Compliance Validation

Validate IEPs and state reporting data accuracy right at the point of entry to catch errors before IEPs are finalized and state reports are submitted..


Reporting Tools

Generate all state reports accurately and easily produce administrative reports.

Frontline IEP

IEP and Special Education Management

Built from the practitioner’s perspective, our IEP and special education management system is designed to meet the unique needs of your district. Our tools are customized and continually updated to align with state-specific regulations and are configurable to your district’s specific policies and procedures.

With tools that simplify the entire special education process for all staff, you can reduce the administrative burden of IEPs, while improving IEP quality and enhancing compliance.

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Medicaid Tracking and Claiming

The reimbursement to your district for Medicaid claiming can be significant, but the regulations are complex and documentation is intensive. That’s why the right tools can make all the difference in optimizing your potential reimbursement and enhancing compliance.

Our tools help your providers easily track encounters and allow your district to efficiently manage the claims submission and reconciliation process. Plus, as part of the Frontline IEP solution, our fully-integrated tools provide unparalleled visibility and validations necessary for compliance management and cost recovery.

Document Archiving and Management

Evaluation reports, RTI referral forms, signed consent forms, prescriptions… your special education, Medicaid and RTI programs require a lot of documentation! Do you have an efficient way to store and retrieve these important documents when you need them?

Our document archiving and management tools make it easy to access and manage the documents you need from multiple sources, all in one place online.

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Document Translation

Looking for an easier, faster and more affordable way to get quality translations for your special education documents? Our convenient portal makes it simple — with an easy way for you to submit translation requests and manage the process online with our network of experienced translators.

And because it’s part of the Frontline IEP solution, you can submit IEP documents you created right within the application, or upload documents from other sources.

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Student Management Systems Integration

With the already-huge demands of special education management, the last thing you need is duplicate data entry. You need systems that work together.

That’s why our student management systems integration helps you easily share data from our tools to your general education SMS/SIS. No more duplicate data entry means more accuracy, saved time and more efficient processes.

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