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Compliance Made Simple

Improve the quality of 504 Plans while enhancing compliance.

An online solution for managing 504 Plans

Developing 504 Plans and managing Section 504 compliance can be a time-consuming and complex process.  Making 504 Plan development easier means that you and your colleagues can focus your efforts on meeting students’ needs, not wasting time on paperwork. Enhancing Section 504 compliance is good for everyone — school districts, teachers, parents and above all, students.

Now there is a solution that can help your district focus on what’s important — Frontline 504.

Simplify the process

  • Manage all 504 Plan data in a central location

  • Save time and simplify workflow throughout the entire Section 504 process

  • Make data-driven decisions using comprehensive administrative reports

  • Improve case management with procedural event dashboards



Frontline 504 is designed by practitioners with input from attorneys to help districts comply with regulations.


The system is highly configurable, so it fits like a glove with your district’s policies and procedures.


Embedded best-practices and collaboration tools help improve the quality of 504 Plans.

Frontline brings it all together


Guided Workflow 

Frontline 504 walks you through the 504 Plan process, from creating individual 504 Plans to following procedural timeline to creating all necessary notices.


Plan Development

Develop 504 Plans, produce notices, schedule meetings, track tasks and manage caseloads, all from one system.


Case Management

Simplify management of Section 504 compliance with dashboards and alerts that improve accountability and save time.


Comprehensive Reports

Learn insights and make data-driven decisions to maximize resources, plan budgets and improve program performance.

Frontline 504

504 Data and Program Management

Section 504 compliance and case management can get complicated, and with such high stakes, you need the right tools to manage data and track the process.  With Frontline’s online data and program management tools, your district can create, store and revise 504 Plans; access all relevant data at the student-, school- and program-level; and track all procedural guidelines and timelines.

Learn more about 504 data and program management  

Document Archiving and Management

Managing Section 504 comes with unique challenges — one of which is managing the ever-growing volume and diversity of documentation like evaluation reports, signed forms, and more. Our document storage and management solution is built specifically for the requirements and day-to-day needs of Section 504 case management and administration.

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Student Management Systems Integration

You need to be sure that all relevant information is accurate and easily accessible — but manually updating student data across multiple systems is inefficient and error-prone. With our student management systems integration tool, you can easily share data between your general education student information system and our student solutions for Section 504.

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