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Frontline Special Ed & Interventions

Easily manage education and intervention programs for special student populations.

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Enhance compliance, support best practices and improve your educational offerings for all students.


You work hard to provide a high-quality education for every student who walks through your door, including those with varying needs, backgrounds and abilities. As you handle complex administrative tasks, and as your district faces increasing regulations and compliance requirements, managing all of the processes involved requires more and more time. That leaves less room in your day for supporting staff and students.

Frontline Special Ed & Interventions is built to help K-12 organizations reduce administrative burden, enhance compliance and return time to teaching. With insightful data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your district and focus on improving student outcomes.


A few of the problems solved:

  • Manage the special education process and improve the quality of IEPs

  • Enhance compliance with state requirements and district policies

  • Identify, prioritize and act on opportunities for Medicaid reimbursement

  • Manage complex RTI / MTSS processes

  • Improve 504 Plan efficiency and effectiveness

  • Ease paperwork, data collection and progress monitoring in your ELL and Gifted & Talented programs

  • Easily integrate with your Student Information System and transfer IEPs between districts



Improve the quality and compliance of IEPs – in less time – with an easy-to-use interface and embedded best practices.


Ensure that at-risk learners don’t slip through the cracks by automatically flagging non-responsive students and identifying those who may need intervention.


Optimize allowable Medicaid reimbursement while automatically validating that claims are aligned with IEP mandates.


Embed best practices and collaboration tools to improve the quality of 504 Plans.

Frontline brings it all together


Online Collaboration

Work collaboratively with real-time document sharing and role-based permissions for access to student records.


SIS Integration

Share data with your student information system to eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce errors and easily transfer IEPs between districts.


Time Savings

Save time by simplifying workflow and administration for special education, interventions, and Medicaid, 504, ELL and Gifted & Talented programs.


Data Security and Privacy

Ensure data privacy and security requirements are met with leading threat prevention, detection and response — and a dedicated security team that continuously evaluates the cyber threat landscape, adjusting defenses to mitigate risk and safeguard your data.


Comprehensive Reports

Generate accurate state and administrative reports, gain insights and make data-driven decisions to maximize resources, plan budgets and improve program performance.

Frontline Special Ed & Interventions

IEP & Special Education Management

Built from the practitioner’s perspective, our IEP and special education management system is designed to meet the unique needs of your district. Our tools are customized and continually updated to align with state-specific regulations, and are configurable to your district’s specific policies and procedures.

With tools that simplify the entire special education process for all staff, you can reduce the administrative burden of IEPs, while improving IEP quality and enhancing compliance.

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RTI & MTSS Program Management

An effective RTI program can improve student outcomes and reduce special education referrals, but it’s not easy to manage. Our system handles all of the tracking, monitoring and analysis necessary to streamline and scale your RTI model.

This means that you can ensure that educators are providing students with the highest levels of support, and get insights to support decision-making.

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504 Program Management

Section 504 compliance and case management can get complicated, and with such high stakes, you need the right tools to manage data and track the process. With Frontline’s online data and program management tools, your district can create, store and revise 504 Plans; access all relevant data at the student, school and program level; and track all procedural requirements.

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Medicaid Tracking & Claim Management

Reimbursement to your district for Medicaid claiming can be significant, but compliance is complex and documentation is intensive. That’s why the right tools can make all the difference in optimizing your reimbursement and enhancing compliance.

Our tools help your providers easily track encounters and allow your district to efficiently manage the claims submission and reconciliation process. Together with our IEP and special education management tools, they provide unparalleled visibility and validation necessary for compliance management and reimbursement.

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ELL Program Management

With a significant number of non-native English speaking students, districts need to do everything they can to equip teachers and support students so language doesn’t become a barrier to education. But managing your ELL program can be an administrative burden that takes time away from the very students you’re trying to support.

Our ELL program management tools consolidate English Language Learner assessment data to help you identify ELL students, manage your processes, document your instructional programs and monitor performance.

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Gifted & Talented Program Management

Supporting every learner includes providing the best possible educational opportunities for gifted students. With our gifted and talented program management tools, you can easily identify and collect nominations and selections for your program, create personalized educational plans, and document and track student progress.

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Frontline Insights Platform

Frontline Special Ed & Interventions is just one part of the Frontline Insights Platform. The Insights Platform is a powerful combination of the Frontline Education solutions, ultimately connecting to Frontline Central, which will be the single source of employee information for the Frontline solutions. The first unified platform for K-12, the Insights Platform is bringing critical technologies together to provide on-demand, actionable insights to the front line of education.

By adding any of the Frontline solutions or applications, you'll also get the benefits of the foundation of the Insights Platform – with key features like a mobile app and single sign-on.

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Frontline Insights Platform

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