504 Program Management


Improve the quality of 504 Plans while enhancing compliance.

Developing 504 Plans and managing Section 504 compliance can be a time-consuming and complex process.  Making 504 Plan development easier means that you and your colleagues can focus your efforts on meeting students’ needs, not wasting time on paperwork. Enhancing Section 504 compliance is good for everyone — school districts, teachers, parents and above all, students.

With the 504 program management tools in Frontline Special Ed & Interventions, your district can focus more on serving students.



Easily Develop 504 Plans

Manage workflows online, and create, revise, store and track 504 Plans and all related documentation — and integrate with your student information system, too.


Enhance Security and Privacy

Store and retrieve documents confidently with a separate set of role-based permission levels that control who can upload and view which type of documents.


Simplify Case Management

Simplify management of Section 504 compliance with dashboards and alerts that improve accountability and save time.


Get Comprehensive Reports

Gain insights and make data-driven decisions to maximize resources, plan budgets and improve program performance.

An easier way to manage 504 Plans.

Working to provide supports to students with disabilities or unique health care needs often requires significant time and resources, and it’s essential to manage your process efficiently. Frontline’s 504 Plan management tools are an ideal solution for saving time, enhancing compliance and improving the quality of 504 Plans.

These tools are just one part of Frontline Special Ed & Interventions: a holistic solution designed to help you support all learners in your district, through special education and Response to Intervention as well as ELL and gifted and talented programs.


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